Ex-49ers Tramaine Brock Explains How He Got Wrapped Up in Domestic Violence Accusation

Let this be a cautionary tale to all young professional athletes who find themselves in a volatile relationship.

Tramaine Brock may or may not have assaulted the mother of his children. He was acquitted of the domestic abuse charges after insufficient evidence was found to convict him, however the alleged details of the attack are pretty horrible.

Although he won’t have to face anymore legal action for this case in particular; Brock has lost his job with the 49ers. Pro leagues are trying to avoid the ire of domestic violence advocacy groups by punishing accused offenders harshly, especially the ones that aren’t superstars.

Brock is now going on record to say he never put his hands on the mother of his children, and the whole thing is just a result of staying in “an unhealthy relationship”.

Here’s his official statement on the matter via PFT:

“I would like to formally apologize to my family and children for the verbal altercation that brought about this situation,” Brock said in a statement provided to PFT. “These past 5 months have been a time to reevaluate and grow as a person. I had hoped to keep family matters private, but at this time I have to get the facts out. I have never put my hands on the mother of my children, as what has been publicly reported. The information in the police report is untrue. I stayed in an unhealthy relationship for the sake of my children, which was not in my best interest. As the case I was involved in has been dismissed, I am eager to move forward and focus on sharing custody of my two children and ensuring a stable environment for them.

Lastly, I look forward to continuing my football career in the near future.

Tramaine Brock Sr.”

Brock is no scrub, so chances are he’ll get another shot in the NFL. Sources are saying he’s already been in contact with teams since his charges were dismissed.

There’s no video to stir the public outcry, no witness statements, & the alleged victim is remaining mum on the incident, so in time this will likely breeze over & Brock will be suiting up for another team.

He’d just better hope nothing else comes leaking out.


2 thoughts on “Ex-49ers Tramaine Brock Explains How He Got Wrapped Up in Domestic Violence Accusation

  • In America there is no such thing as an innocent Black man. Not guilty perhaps but never innocent

  • I’ve said it before, I was accused of domestic violence by my own wife a number of years ago! I watched her scream out of the window that I was beating her! I recall her kicking over the coffee table, and pushing me, cursing me! I recall the threats, & the scratches on my face to say I started it! After the cops were called by my neighbors, she swore I’d hit her a number of times! She swore I was drunk after I just had 1 beer! After I told her, bye bye me taking care of you and being around! I left, was suspended by my job. I eventually found a new job, after the charges were dropped! This woman bugged my mom, sister, brothers by phone on my where about’s! I let her know with divorce papers! All I heard was I sorry I lied to make you lose your job. I’m glad there were no children in this marriage! No one believed me in my family, and then she told them they truth and the damage was done by then, about 90 days after the fact

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