How to Get Your Hands on Madden 18 Tonight

Madden season is finally upon us! The popular football video game franchise that comes out annually is looking to release one of it’s most ambitious titles yet with Madden 18. The game is scheduled to come out August 25, but here’s how you can get your hands on it early.

  1. The G.O.A.T. edition – You can play the FULL game August 22nd, but that copy of the game cost $79.99, $20 more expensive than the regular version. It has it’s perks though as it comes with bonuses for game’s Ultimate Team mode, including an Elite-level player, a uniform pack, 2,500 contracts, and 12 Squad Packs.
  2. EA Access – EA Access Play First Trial allows you to get your hands on the game tonight, for 10 hours of in game play. No pre order is necessary, but the service cost $4.99 for a month. This is probably the best option if you plan on buying the game anyway, because EA Access also gives you 10% off buying the full game once it comes out on the 22nd and 25th respectively.        *EA Access is only available on Xbox One*

If you’re brave with an Xbox One, feel free to add me: “Tae Smoove 0”

Happy Madden season all!