Jon Jones Tests Positive for PEDs, Twitter Rages Wrath on Wrong Jon Jones

Jon Jones journey towards redemption in the eyes of the MMA world once again fell short when reports broke on Tuesday that he once again tested positive for PEDs following his match-up against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

As a result he will be stripped and the title will be returned to Cormier. Further discipline forthcoming.

Twitter users looked to take Jones to task, but like him feel short in their attempts. Instead of tweeting @JonnyBones, Jones’ handle, they instead directed their collective vitriol at a self-described “Tech geek, #gamedev, cat fancier, author” also named Jon Jones.

Instead of correcting the users, as he’s had to MANY times in the past when MMA Jones makes headlines, he fired back his own hilarious responses.

Tweet responsibly people (and check the profile pic).

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