NHL and NBL Leagues: Their Popularity and Fan Following

The National Hockey League is a confederation of ice hockey with its headquarters in the city of New York. It is comprised of 24 teams from the USA and 7 from Canada making a total of 31 teams. It is divided into two major blocs; the Eastern and Western. The blocks are each subdivided into two. The Eastern bloc consists of Atlantic and Metropolitan while the Western is subdivided into Central and Pacific. The Atlantic, Metropolitan and the Pacific are made up of eight teams each while Central consists of seven teams.

As for Basketball, the league consists of 30 teams. 29 are from the United States and 1 is from Canada. The season in Basketball begins in October and ends in July. The teams compete in an 82-game challenge and after the regular season, every conference produces eight teams that meet in the playoffs for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Basketball is the sport with the most Americans, with the number estimated to be around 26 million.

The NHL 2017/018 season will begin in October this year. Toronto and Winnipeg will be the first contestants in the field at 7:00 pm ET. An hour later, St Louis and Pittsburg will be battling it out followed by Calgary and Edmonton at 10:00 pm ET. Philadelphia and San Jose will also have a game on the same day, the fourth of October, at 8:30 pm ET.  The tickets for these matches are already available online.

Although the online betting for the National Hockey League and Basketball is not as vigorous as that of football and soccer, the industry attracts a considerable number of gamblers. There are many bookies that have tasked themselves with the responsibility of providing a platform for wagering leading to high competition. This has led to intense creativity such as the introduction of the free bets no deposit offer. This is where one is allowed to place bets without crediting their account. This is just an example of the many amazing deals in the NHL and basketball betting industry.

Currently, the most popular team in the NHL based on Google search results is the Los Angeles Kings. It has around 162,000,000. It is followed by Dallas Stars with around 130,000,000 and then Washington Capitals with around 115,000,000. New York Rangers comes in fourth with 97,400,000 and the Minnesota Wild closes the top five bracket with 84,200,000 search results. The reason for using Google search results to determine the popularity of a team is that a greater content demand means more interest by the fans. Nevertheless, when we use Facebook and Twitter likes, the results obtained are different.

This shows that several factors need to be considered when determining the most popular teams in the NHL. These factors include the number of Google search results, Facebook and twitter likes, team net worth and team attendance. When considered separately, each of these factors produces a different order of teams from the other but we can sum up all the factors and come up with one list. In this list, Chicago Black Hawks emerges the most popular followed by Boston Bruins. New York Rangers comes in third then Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings in the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

In basketball, different people have different views on the best teams. However, there are certain names that will not miss on every top ten list. Some of these are the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets. These were the best teams in the 2016/017 season and they have the best odds for winning the 2017/18 seasons. Basketball is a favorite sport of many Americans and it has a very great fan base. Various researches have been conducted to determine the more popular sport in the United States between basketball and football and although football seems to be doing better, basketball is not very far behind.