Nigerian Soccer Player Accuses Team of Racism After Being Told Not To Bring Ebola To Game

An English soccer team is coming under fire after a Nigerian-born player says team officials told her to make sure her family doesn’t bring “ebola to the game.”

Per, Eni Aluko, a player for the English women’s national soccer team, initially filed a complaint against the team earlier this year accusing coach, Mark Sampson, and other staff members of “bullying and harassment.” Aluko received a settlement of £80,000 although the Football Association said they found no wrongdoing. Since then, additional details of alleged incidents have emerged.

Per the Guardian:

“We were in the hotel. Everybody was excited. It was a big game. On the wall, there was a list of the family and friends who were coming to watch us and I just happened to be next to Mark. He asked me if I had anyone who would be there and I said I had family coming over from Nigeria. ‘Oh,’ he said. ‘Nigeria? Make sure they don’t bring Ebola with them.’

“I remember laughing but in a very nervous way. I went back to my room and I was really upset. It might have been easier to take if it was about me alone. Lots of things had been said about me over those two years but this was about my family. I called my mum and she was absolutely disgusted.”

Aluko, who in addition to soccer is a lawyer, cites the incidents as part of a “toxic culture.”