Power Episode Recap: How Tariq Went From Blake Bortles to Tom Brady in Season 4

Last night was the penultimate episode in season 4 of the Starz prestige drama Power, and it was excellent. That Ain’t Me was light on the big action scenes, but left us with a shocking death and the St. Patrick family will be out for blood in next week’s finale. Tommy has lost control of his network, is snorting coke and being set up to get worked over by his dad. Dre is seemingly the man at the head of a drug network. Kanan is still lurking in the weeds. Ghost may have temporarily secured leverage over Simon Stern, but now has to deal with Councilman Tate. Angela received a promotion and is now the new head of Criminal Division for the eastern district of New York.

It finally happened! One of the St. Patrick twins got killed. But it wasn’t the one everyone was hoping for. In many ways, Courtney Kemp and the writers had to go here to give the show more room to flex its muscles. R.I.P. to Raina St. Patrick, daughter and sister, a good kid who didn’t deserve to go out like that. Her death will have a serious ripple effect. Tariq will have to live with the fact that his lying got his sister killed. What will make it even worse for him is the fact that his sister was going out on a limb to protect him. Despite how shitty he treated her, she still loved him and wanted to help him because he was in trouble.

This lean addicted, lying, punk ass, disrespectful bum Tariq now sees the game for what it truly is. He thinks he’s hard and knows how to handle himself, thinks he ain’t shook. Well he’s definitely shook now. He really handled this entire situation poorly from jump street. Does he remain about that life? Or does the guilt eat away at him and he ultimately caves under the weight and kill himself?

On the lowest of keys, Tariq has been the star of Season 4, because you have to be a really good actor to be as hated as he is.

How clever was it of Angela to plant the seed in the new U.S. Attorney’s mind that she should be head of criminal division? In all honesty it is the right move. Saxe is too much of an ass kisser, Mak has too much hubris and as lead counsel botched the Ghost prosecution. Say what you want about Angela, but her tenacity and dogged determination wins the day. Does she do illegal and shady stuff? Absolutely. But everyone on Power does. She seems to be the best one at playing the game on the side of the justice system.

At the Gala when it was announced that she would be the new head of criminal, it was the culmination for her and she wasn’t surprised. It was as if she knew she was getting the gig? Anybody else notice that? To many it seems unfair that she get rewarded after all that she’s done. But, that’s how the game goes. Mak and Saxe are clearly none too pleased and will be problems for her moving forward.

The scene with Angela and Ghost at the Gala shows there is still chemistry between the two. Despite all the messed up stuff they’ve both done to each other, they have history. We learned Ghost had the option to go to Choate, but bailed. Interesting. That doesn’t fit the narrative that has been developed for us over the last four years. Angela got into Choate for a chance at a better life and left Ghost behind. Anyway, what’s next for these two? Will they reconcile? As the new head of criminal, Angela is a bigger threat to Ghost. But the directive from U.S. Attorney Robinson is to never speak the name James St. Patrick again.