Random Girl at Days Inn Explains How Usher Came to The Hotel to Meet Quantasia & Not Give Her Herpes (Video)

Usher said he didn’t sleep with Quantasia because she wasn’t his type, but allegedly an employee at the Days Inn confirms her story.

Someone who says she worked at the Days Inn in Atlantic City — less than a mile from the concert venue — tells TMZ she saw Usher come into the lobby shortly after midnight on November 16. She says Sharpton came down, greeted the singer in the lobby and brought him to her room.

She says she asked Usher for a pic and he said he’d take one with her before leaving the hotel. She says she waited an hour but he never returned.

Sources connected with Quantasia say she did indeed stay at the Days Inn the night of the concert, and that is where she is claiming she had sex with Usher.

Watch video of Quantasia telling her story…