Rev Jesse Jackson Speaks Exclusively to BSO’s Robert Littal on NFL’s Hypocrisy in Blackballing of Colin Kaepernick (Video)

BSO’s founder Robert Littal spoke to the Reverend Jesse Jackson about numerous topics in regards to Colin Kaepernick and the social protests that is going on in our society.

Reverend Jackson speaks on how the NFL is blackballing Kaepernick and the hypocrisy of the NFL on how they treat criminals better than they have Kaepernick.

On the bright side Reverend Jackson clearly explains why our country while divided is much better than the one he grew up in as a teen and young adult.

Reverend Jackson makes points that many have made, but the NFL has chosen to ignore and which has led to backlash of public opinion about if the NFL really cares about their players off the field or just what they can do for them on it.