SNL Spoofs LaVar Ball; Kenan Thompson Delivers a Very Accurate Impersonation (Video)

This has to be the most spot on impersonation ever. SNL really hit it out of the park with their LaVar Ball parody.

It’s quite hard these days to hear LaVar Ball’s name and not get a variety of different opinions. His dedication to his son’s is unmatched coupled with saying some of the most outlandish things his confidence is one that can’t be broken. LaVar Ball has become a huge part of the sports media today.

While on “First Take” Ball told Stephen A. Smith that he could beat Michael Jordan at a game of one-on-one. No stranger to the saying “whatever comes up, comes out” LaVar is never shy to speak his mind, no matter how ridiculous he sounds.

On Thursday night, “Saturday Night Live” brutally roasted the infamous father, with Kenan Thompson playing the role of the very confident father he delivered quite the performance.

Thompson’s hits his impersonation on the head, making ridiculous jokes while staying true to his Baller Brand character. In the clip Thompson says

“Look at me! I am eight feet tall! I can jump 20 feet high! I once jumped over a Super Target! This past Thanksgiving I ate 100 turkeys!”

He also went in depth about LaVar’s claim that he could beat Micheal Jordan. Saying that he could do it wearing a beekeeper suit and Hamburger Helper gloves.

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