Some NYPD Show Support for Kaepernick at #ImWithKap NY Rally (Video)

Colin Kaepernick is still without a job, but he’s not without support and to some, that’s more important than any dollar amount.

Kaepernick has had his fair share of opinions concerning his stance on the affairs of America, but he’s stood his ground – making his platform even stronger. With racial tensions rising, athletes and fans alike, are now standing up for Kaepernick’s right to kneel. Recently, current and former officers of the NYPD rallied in an effort to support the unclaimed free agent. Among those officers was a former police officer, Frank Serpico, who had a film based on him depicting police corruption, spoke to the press about standing with about 75 other officers and showing that Kaepernick has their full support.

“He’s trying to hold up this government, up to our founding fathers,” said Serpico

“Until racism in America is no longer taboo, we own up to it, we admit it, we understand it and then we do what we have to do to solve it. Unfortunately we’re going to have these issues,”

Kaepernick can be sure to see more people standing up in his name. On Wednesday, August 23rd, protesters will set foot at the NFL Headquarters in New York to show their alliance to the quarterback. BSO will be on the ground with live footage, interviews, and photos.