Texas A&M Cancels Racist White Supremacist Rally Planned Planned For Sept 11th After They Said Hands Were Tied

KDFM.com is reporting that the planned white supremacist rally on the campus of Texas A&M University has been cancelled, according to university officials. State representative John Raney said that A&M Chancellor John Sharp advised him that the event was cancelled due to hate messages on social media and police fear of violence.

Please take note and pay close attention to the language used by the Chancellor, hate messages and fear of violence. The rally was inspired by the events in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend and planned by former A&M student and white supremacist Preston Wiginton. That is where the hate and violence stems from. Not from people opposing a white supremacist holding a rally on campus.

The University was initially going to move forward with this rally because according to university spokesperson¬†Amy Smith, anyone can reserve space on the university’s public campus. We know that may be true in theory but if a different type of organization had decided to hold a rally on campus, it would be a different story.

Texas state legislators began working across party lines as soon as it was learned that the rally was being planned. I would say this is what we have in Trump’s America. But this is always who America has been and unfortunately will likely continue to be.