Twitter Reacts After Two White Women Show Up to HBCU Wearing “Make America Great Again” Hats

Two white teens showed up to Howard University wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Sounds like a bad joke right? Nope. Two high schoolers  caused quite the stir on Howard’s campus.

Allie Vandee,16 and Sarah Applequist thought it would be a good idea to wear “MAGA” hats now support of their President to a Historically Black University. On a tour of D.C. with their schools from Pennsylvania the high schooler,  tweeted about the incident that occurred on Saturday.

In full support of Trump, Allie wore a shirt she recently purchased and a “MAGA” hat along with Sara. The pair accompanied by a few other friends  went to Howard University’s cafeteria for lunch.

Looks like Howard’s cafeteria has the best lunch in D.C.

In an open rant Allie writes that after; Immediately entering the cafeteria, “a man yelled ‘F*ck y’all’ ” to her and Sara. And while waiting in line she says someone came by and stole her friend’s hat.

Vandee later admits on Twitter that she was unaware that Howard was predominately black. She also says the university’s students “continuously harassed” her and took photos.

“My friend Sarah and I are on a trip to Washington DC with two schools, one being our own, Union City, and the other being Central Tech. We have been able to sight see and visit many historical places in DC without being harassed by anyone for supporting Donald Trump. Today we visited Howard University for lunch. Sarah was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, I was wearing my new Trump shirt I had just recently purchased, along with my own Trump hat. Walking to the cafe, a man yelled “F*** y’all” to me. While we were waiting in line not knowing that HU is a predominately “black” school, which either way SHOULDN’T MATTER, a man came up and stole Sarah’s hat. We had never even engaged with the students. Half of us weren’t even through the doors yet. Fortunately one of our supervisors was able to retrieve it. We were harassed continuously. The students took videos and pictures of us saying WE were being “disrespectful” and that “us being Caucasian, we should have known better.” After a lot of have, our head supervisors decided it would be a good idea to keep the peace and find somewhere else to eat. When we got on the bus, a girl from Central Tech told us to “remove our hats because we are racist.” This is America. These are the people who are racist and disrespectful. It’s unfortunate that more Trump supporters have to fear going places than others. I will never be embarrassed for supporting Donald Trump. I will always support OUR president when, and wherever, I please. #MAGA”


The comments in response on twitter are definitely ones that can’t be read out loud in public, but are certainly worth reading.

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