2 Teenagers Photoshop KKK Hoods on Classmates and Posts to SnapChat (Video)

Two high school students from Albuquerque, New Mexico receive a slap on the wrist after posting a racially offensive photo on social media.

On Friday August 25th, a picture surfaced of a photoshopped image displaying 3 African American students surrounded by their classmates in Ku Klux Klan hoods.

Two junior boys, students of Volcano Vista High School took the doctored picture of their classmates and posted to the schools SnapChat group. Which was how many of the school’s students saw the horrible image of their peers. After seeing the photo students reported it to administrators. Parents of the students victimized are outraged and say this is not the first incident of  racism at the school.

Mary Morrow-Webb mother of one of the African American students in the picture says,  “It was appalling, disgusting. We felt like this was just a serious display of hate,”

Angry and afraid for their daughters, Mary and her husband Lamont Webb have 3 children who attend Volcano Vista High School. All of which having all been dealt with racist bullying.

Administrations at that high school sent out letters to parents saying the picture was “repugnant and hateful.”

Both students involved have been suspended for 10 days one of them of which was also kicked off the football team. The boys say the photo was just meant as a joke, but the students and their families see it differently.

The Webb family feels that after several reported incidents this action is too late. The parents say they have tried to  talk to school staff in regards to the racism their children have experienced,  with no avail.

Morrow-Webb says,

“As far as I’m concerned, this is a hate crime. This is a threat to my daughter. I don’t see it as a prank that went wrong,”.

Superintendent Raquel Reedy, says that the school is strongly looking into filing hate crime charges against the two students. Nothing has been said as of yet as to if that will happen.

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