30 for 30’s Latest Explores How Tommy Morrison Didn’t Think He Had HIV Till Very End

Tommy Morrison-what could’ve been and as he said himself, had he had more self control instead of spiraling out of control. 30 for 30’s latest documentary, Tommy, showed us how Morrison loved boxing till the very end including how he still believed he wasn’t HIV positive.

“I’m Tommy Morrison and I’m going to the top,” is how Tommy started. Many of us watched Rocky V and know how it ended but who would’ve thought it would actually end that way for the real life Tommy Morrison?

As you watch this documentary, you’ll think to yourself, “Tommy was damned since he was conceived.” During his mom’s interview, she flat out said that she didn’t want to have Tommy because she didn’t want to have another child. But once she held him, it was over; adorable right? From tattooing her son to sharing a suspicion of having HIV, his mom has been through a lot.

Boxing fans will be excited to see this documentary because his career actually occurred during a good time for the sport. His fight with George Foreman made him legit. However, once he lost against Michael Bentt in the very first round, he was back to square one. Morrison was always on a seesaw-he would have highs and then have lows. His friend and former promoter Tony Holden told much of his story as you can see the anguish in his eyes.

Then came his short lived Don King era, which is how we all find out about his condition.

Morrison held a press conference in which he shared that he was HIV positive. He had a special message for his fans but that was the end of the Tommy they all knew.

“See me as an individual who had the opportunity to be a role model and blew it.

Boxing is a bloody sport so can you blame other boxers for not wanting to fight him? Not at all. Despite his legal problems with drugs or assault charges, his first love was always on his mind and he wanted a way back in the ring.

Then came the conspiracy theories.

Morrison began to believe that he was not HIV positive at all. This is what’s fascinating about this documentary. They explored this idea thoroughly because even when his T-cell count was low that could technically declare him as clinically dead, Morrison didn’t want to take his medicine. Conspiracy theories about September 11 are understandable but this? This is farfetched. The only reason why his condition even got better is because while he served his sentence in jail, he had medicine there. His third wife Trisha went on record to say that he didn’t have HIV. At this point in the documentary, you’ll wonder where she even came from.

Tommy will debut on the ESPN app for all of you to stream as of September 13 and it will premiere on ESPN 2 on September 27 at 8 pm. Once again, 30 for 30 got it right.

Erika Fernandez

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