Adrian Peterson Explains What He Said When He Was Yelling At Sean Payton On Sidelines (Video)


Adrian Peterson didn’t have the night he wanted going up against his former team the Minnesota Vikings.

Peterson and New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton could be seen not looking to happy with one another but evidence doesn’t show much else.

Peterson who had four touches in the first half told reporters, there wasn’t conflict with Payton, and that night tweeted.

Peterson is 32 years old, but 40 in football years is on his last run. Not many teams were looking to sign him, considering he’s only played 20 games in the last three seasons.

He used to be the featured back, but in New Orleans he will be sharing touches with Mark Ingram until Peterson proves otherwise.

It’s only one week maybe Peterson can go back to his old ways or as Drake put it,

“I was a cold dude, I’m getting back to my ways.”

Flip the page for the quick video between AP & SP.



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