Another of Usher’s Herpes Lawsuit Ladies Reveals Herself & Explains Why She Wants $20 Mil (Photos)

I am shocked Lisa Bloom didn’t throw a press conference for this.

Originally just known as Jane Doe, I believe Laura Helm realized she couldn’t capitalize off this if she didn’t go public, so she dis. TMZ has her story.

Laura Helm claims in new legal docs, she had 2 sexual encounters with the singer. She says he behaved very oddly. The docs are very descriptive, but she says she never saw him finish because she saw him run to the bathroom. She goes on … on the second occasion he did not wear a condom and says a few days after that she noticed an unusual bump on the inside of her cheek. A few days after that she noticed a similar bump — the size of a green pea — on her vagina.

She says, during the second encounter Usher set the mood by putting on jazz music while performing oral sex on her.

She references reports that Usher paid $1.1 million to a previous sex partner but she offers no proof.

Helm says they were platonic friends and he wooed her by telling her about his humanitarian efforts in Africa.

She wants $20 million because she says that Usher has ruined her career and reputation. Usher is fighting all the lawsuits.

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