Details on Jon Jones B Sample Drug Test Results & What It Means For His Career

It looks like UFC fans hoping to see a Jon Jones-Brock Lesnar showdown won’t be getting that wish, or seeing him fight anyone else for the foreseeable future.

The news no one wanted, but everyone expected has come down the pike, & it’s not looking good for Jones. In fact, the remainder of his career is in dire jeopardy.

Yes, the greatest UFC fighter of this generation…is a cheater. Hurts to come to that realization, but from all indications; that is it case.

ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto elaborates:

The “B” sample of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones‘ failed drug test from July 28 in Anaheim, California, has confirmed the presence of a banned substance, a United States Anti-Doping Agency spokesperson said Tuesday.

“Mr. Jones ‘B’ sample has confirmed the ‘A’ sample findings,” the spokesperson said. “Importantly — as previously stated — due process should occur before drawing any conclusions about this matter.”

It is normal for an athlete to request the results of a “B” sample under these circumstances. It is rare, however, that a “B” sample negates a positive test.

The result of Jones’ win over Cormier is likely to be changed to a no-contest, although the California State Athletic Commission has not yet made that change. UFC did not immediately strip Jones of his title and has not commented on the status of the division.

This is the second failed drug test of Jones’ career. UFC was forced to pull him from a championship bout in July 2016 after he tested positive for multiple anti-estrogenic agents. Jones later told USADA that the substances came from a contaminated sexual enhancement pill. He was suspended one year for negligence.

Per UFC’s anti-doping program, Jones faces a maximum suspension of four years for a second offense. Technically, he potentially faces sanctions from two different bodies: CSAC and USADA. However, it’s possible USADA will simply mirror CSAC’s ruling.

Though Jones looked in amazing shape in his last “win” over Daniel Cormier, no one really knows how he’d fare after four years out of competition…and without the help of any banned substances.

He’ll be afforded the opportunity to appeal, but if that falls short (& the likelihood is it will), chances are his career; at least where he’ll fall in the rankings of best fighters of all time, is pretty much over at this point.

The only crutch he has to stand on will be his defense that he didn’t know he was taking something banned, but given his history; that story is probably going to fall on deaf ears & the suspension will be levied.



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  • Well he could always face Lesnar at Summerslam or Wrestlemania.

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