Details on Kevin Sumlin & Wife Pressing Charges on A&M Fan Who Sent Racist Letter


Kevin Sumlin was the target of a personal & racist attack by an “anonymous” Texas A&M fan after the Aggies blew a 34-point lead against UCLA in week one of the college football season.

Anytime a team blows a lead that large, the blame is ultimately going to fall on the coach & his staff. Criticism may have been in order; however there is absolutely no place for B.S. like this in any corner of sports:

Now, Sumlin & his wife Charlene are seeking to take legal action against those responsible. Charlene took to twitter to provide updates on the case, gives her thoughts on the deplorable individual(s), & declares justice will be served at the end of the day:

Whether you believe Sumlin is a quality coach or not, you’re opinion becomes 100% invalidated when you look to the color of his skin as a reason why he can or can’t do the job.

Hopefully, the person or persons responsible will be caught and called to the carpet to answer for this heinous crime.



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