Details on What is Going to Happen to Adelaide Byrd After Her Horrendous #CaneloGGG Scorecard


Following the public outcry at boxing judge Adelaide Byrd’s 118-110 score card in favor of Canelo Alvarez against Gennady Golovkin, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is giving the disgraced judge some time off. reports that NSAC Commission executive director Bob Bennett made the following statement with regards to Byrd’s ringside performance:

“I’m not going to put her right back in. She’ll still be in the business but she needs to catch her breath.”

Teams for both Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin agree the score was off and didn’t reflect what happened in the fight. After the conclusion of the fight, fans and fighters took to social media calling for Byrd’s removal from boxing as a judge.

While both sides are open to a rematch, future plans have yet to be announced.


  1. If she had scored it 115 -113 no one would have said anything. She’s obviously not very good at coming up with a easy to sale set of numbers on the fly.

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