Enes Kanter Speaks on KD Thinking Everyone on Thunder Besides Westbrook is Trash

Kevin Durant has been acting out since winning his first championship, with his latest incident being the most bizarre.

Durant seems to have gotten caught up tweeting clapbacks from what he thought was a ghost account, in the third person; & in the process, threw ex-coach Billy Donovan & all his Thunder teammates not named Westbrook under the bus:

One of those ex-teammtes, Enes Kanter has responded to the Durant digs. Here’s what he had to say:

“We now know how he felt about us. That made us really sad.

“We were in a war together when he was here. We won together, we lost together, but we never tried to blame each other. We never tried to blame Kevin or he never tried to blame us when he was here.

“But these comments—before I’m angry or mad or whatever—it just made us really sad.” […]

“He never complained about Billy, never complained about us, and he never complained about the organization.

“But we learned how he felt from Twitter. I’ll say it again: it made the whole organization really sad. It was disrespectful.”


The Thunder are in the midst of clawing their way to a respectable position in a crowded western conference, & Kanter is upset about Durant thinking he was trash?

The truth is, Durant & the Warriors pretty much owned the Thunder all last season on the way to a championship, & we won’t say Kanter was trash, but he wasn’t a full course steak dinner either.

If he really wants to prove Durant’s comments as wrong, he’ll come out balling this year…if for nothing else, to convince Westbrook (the only player directly excluded in Durant’s trash assessments) to stay, as he still hasn’t signed his $200M extension offer.