Ex-NFL Albert Haynesworth Details His White Baby Mama Calling Him a N*gger & Physically Abusing Him For Years (Photos)

Ex-Redskins and Titans Albert Haynesworth dated Ex-Tennessee Vols star and WNBA player Brittany Jackson for a little over two years.

Haynesworth claims over that time she was physically and verbally abusive.

TMZ has the police reports.

Ex-NFL superstar Albert Haynesworth claims he’s the victim of domestic violence — alleging his baby mama physically and verbally abused him … and TMZ Sports has the police report.

“Not only has she called me unthinkable names she has been extremely violent,” Haynesworth claims.

The 6’6″, 350-pound defensive tackle says he called police on the woman more than 10 times during their rocky 2-year relationship.

“I have witnesses and bruises but me for some reason still tried to protect her by not sending her to jail bc I didn’t want to ruin her so called career and name.”

TMZ Sports obtained a police report filed back in January in which Haynesworth told police in Tennessee that Jackson kicked him in the groin twice after an argument at a friend’s house. Albert told cops the woman had been drinking wine.

Haynesworth claims the woman, who is white, would call him the n-word — despite the fact they have a mixed race child together — because “she said she wanted me to feel hurt bc I didn’t show her affection.”

This sounds terrible and while domestic violence against women happens far more frequently, it does happened to men as well.

Just because Haynesworth is a big guy doesn’t mean he can’t be abused especially when he is showing restraint in not fighting back.  Also mental abuse is a real thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Jackson is not a small woman, she is 6 feet tall, strong and athletic.

Haynesworth himself was accused of sexual abuse in 2011 of a waitress where his defense was he didn’t like black women.

With the waitress carrying a full load of dirty dishes, Haynesworth slid his credit card into her bra and fondled her according to court documents. A witness, per the report, said it looked like she submitted to it at first but then grew angry. What’s interesting: Haynesworth’s credit card was denied for a charge of $800.

Haynesworth denied touching the waitress when he spoke with a security official and said he doesn’t “even like black girls.”

“I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend,” Haynesworth told police. “I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me.”

He took a plea deal in that case and didn’t serve in any time.

If his claims are true in this case, she needs to be in jail with anyone who abuses their significant other.

Flip the pages for more photos of them together…

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  • Keep it so 100.

    Black women beat their men. And black men don’t just run off when it happens.

    To everyone saying “she does what he allows” “if she were black, he would leave” that’s complete bullshit. Plenty of you know you probly been hit because you hit him first. And y’all have the nerve to call a man a bitch if he doesn’t hit you back.

    In the United States women beat their men as much as men beat women. The difference is we don’t get to call the police. We also can’t just hit you back. Plenty of cases where a guy called the police so that he didn’t have to put his hands on a woman and HE still went to jail.

    Everybody just gonna come on here and putt up a big ass front because he getting hit by a white woman. That isn’t as uncommon as y’all making it either.

  • Lost … She got what she wanted.. and kick your ass to… Lol …What’s your IQ?

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