Gerald McCoy Invites Twitter Tough Guys to Meet Him at Bucs Facility; Team Responds


Bucs star defensive lineman Gerald McCoy is feeling like most of us that have to deal with social media trolls, and with the recent protests storming into the NFL, with plenty of people mad the athletes aren’t just “sticking to sports”, I’m sure McCoy’s mentions aren’t the most pleasant.

One such troll must’ve gotten under his skin because he was offering the fade at the Bucs headquarters while speaking to the media:

“There’s a bunch of people out there that say a lot of terrible things that I know they wouldn’t say to our face,” McCoy said. “These social media tough guys. I would love to meet them. Just being honest. … I would love to meet you. I work at One Buccaneer Place if you would like to talk to me.”

I’m sure McCoy would love nothing more than to be able to confront the people that consider themselves keyboard gangsters, however it won’t be happening on the Bucs property.

The team released a statement Tuesday, for anyone who was un-wisley considering taking him up on the offer:

In order to gain entrance, the Bucs said Tuesday, you must either have official business with the team or an employee or a visitor form that has been filled out and left at the guard gate on your behalf. That’s always been the policy and the Bucs say they will not suspend its security measures because McCoy felt he and some of his teammates were disrespected on social media.

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