Jordin Sparks Protests Racial Injustice With Bible Message While Singing Anthem (Photos)

A day after the majority of NFL teams demonstrated against racial injustice and Donald Trump, the Cowboys bent the knee before standing for the Anthem prior to Monday Night Football. While they stood, singer Jordin Sparks performed the National Anthem and lodged her own unique protest as she sung.  A silent protest with a Bible verse.

Sparks inscribed the Bible verse Proverbs 31:8-9 on her left hand which held the microphone, in clear view for the cameras. She went on to give a powerful rendition of the Anthem as the Cowboys and Cardinals stood at attention.

Now I know that last time you picked up a Bible was last Easter, so it may not have been clear that this was a protest.  Upon further investigation, the message in that scripture echoes the message of Colin Kaepernick and those who stand up for oppressed people who don’t have a voice.  Her protest was just a subtle and effective as taking a knee to protest racial injustice.  Flip the page to see what the scripture said about how the oppressed should be treated.