Le’Veon Bell Tests His Skills At Dairy Queen On His Day Off (Video)

Le’Veon Bell joked around during his hold out and ended up applying at Dairy Queen full time.

On his day off Tuesday, Bell took his talents to DQ and for the most part did a solid job.

His obsession or deep love with DQ went viral as he posted a video filling out a job application.

DQ is always looking for top of the line talent according to a direct message reply.

Sean Gentille, of Post-Gazette reported the challenges Bell faced with the new gig.

” The Blizzard wasn’t easy because it requires mastery of a pedal and, there’s shrapnel to mind.”

Bell even admits that this job isn’t as easy as it looks.

“This was a lot harder and a lot tougher than I thought, I’ll tell you that and I’m sweating a little bit. Y’all see me sweating?”

We can’t expect Bell to go from be the most patient running back and being a nightmare for defensive coordinators, to top of the line at DQ. Not that his game Sunday was solid, as Bell only mustered up 32 yards on 10 touches.

For the most part things worked out for Bell and even was invited to come back the next day.

Bell says,

“It’s way harder than I thought it was going to be,” Bell said. “I think everybody’s job is different. I don’t think this job is any easier than my job, and I don’t think my job is any easier than their job.”

Flip the pages to see Bell in action.

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