Michael Bennett Does Nightline Interview Explaining How Police Racially Profiled Him (Video)

Michael Bennett is speaking out in-depth about his terrifying encounter with the Las Vegas police.

In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Byron Pitts, Bennett explains how the experience has changed him, & has made him appreciate all his blessings even more.

He also details how difficult the ordeal has been on his family, more specifically; how tough it was to explain what happened to his 10-year-old daughter:

“It was an emotional thing for me to sit there and have to sit her down and explain to her about stereotypes, and racially profiling and what it means to be … a black man in America, and what it means for her to be a young black woman as she grows up in this country,” Bennett said.

“The things that … would happen to her, and the things that she have to get adjusted to,” he added. “In my mind I’m like, ‘Why should she have to get adjusted to that? Why hasn’t the society adjusted to her … adjusted to what she could be in society?”

Flip the page to check out the interview in it’s entirety, it’s definitely worth your time.