OJ Simpson on How He Plans To Dodge The Media & People Who Want to Kill Him When He’s Released From Jail


The Juice will be loose very soon, but don’t expect to get any photos or video on him when he is released from jail.

TMZ explains.

We’ve learned the media has a 1 in 18 chance of spotting the famous convict when he’s released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. That’s because there are 18 release points and our prison sources say they are keeping the actual release site and date on the DL.

As for why the clandestine release … we’re told it’s because prison officials are concerned for Simpson’s safety. You’ll recall, just after Simpson was granted parole, he was moved to a protective wing of the prison.

Prison sources tell us they’re not just concerned about Simpson’s safety. They worry a chase could ensue and prison staff, bystanders and Simpson himself could be injured or even worse. As one prison official told us, “We don’t want another chase on our hands.”

Expect OJ to get an exclusive interview with someone soon after he’s released.


  1. Here we go again wanting to make the news channels again. If I was OJ and Ray Lewis and got off with murders I would have rode off into the sunset in OJ case. Ray Lewis as soon as my career was over the same. The next thing that should be heard about thembnis they have died.

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