Read Ex-Tennis Star James Blake’s Statement Wonder Why Cop Who Racially Profiled Him Still Employed


It has been more than two years since ex tennis star James Blake was physically assaulted by a NYC cop outside a midtown hotel. As is typical with cases of police brutality against minorities, the officer in question still has a job and there has been no discipline from the NYPD up until now. The hearing, concluded today and the fate of said officer will be kept private. Why do you suppose that is?

Blake is calling for the mayor Bill DeBlasio and police commissioner O’Neill to fire officer James Frascatore, who has been the subject of five misconduct accusations over a seven month span. Tell me again that the oppression of black and brown people isn’t systemic.

Flip the page to read James Blake’s full statement following officer Frascatore’s disciplinary trial or an incident that happened more than two years ago.



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