Ric Flair Gives First Interview Since His Scary Hospitalization (Video)

For Ric Flair and his family, things certainly took a scary turn when he was admitted to the hospital for stomach pains. Stomach pains turned into kidney failure and on the verge of congestive heart failure all due to alcohol.

Doctors removed part of his bowel and inserted a pacemaker.

Prayers have been sent to him and the public has been getting updates through his daughter, Charlotte’s social media posts.

Thankfully, he’s doing fine and he says he’ll never drink again.

From an exclusive piece with People, here’s are some things Flair said.

“I crashed in an airplane and broke my back, I’ve been hit by lightning,” Flair tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “But this is totally different. Anything I’ve been through before is nothing like this.”

“It scared the s— out of me.”

He adds, “But I’m not out of the woods yet.”

Flip the page to see video of his fiance, Wendy Barlow talk about how his drinking affected him over the years and from Flair himself.

Read the full piece over on People.