Ron Rivera Indirectly Threatened Players Who Wanted to Protest; Owner Did Not Condemn Trump’s Comments


What is so sad about this is that Rivera is a minority, but imagine being a player who wanted to kneel and then your coach tells you this.

“I told the guys I really think what we need to do is if we are to be united we need to all stand, look at the flag and be at attention,” Rivera told reporters after Sunday’s game. “Left hand down at our side and right hand on our heart, we need to look at the flag and listen to the national anthem. We need to think it and vision it for an America that we believe in, that is free from injustice, free from bigotry, and free from prejudice. Then when you guys ask me, we tell you that we believe in America, that we support our military, we support our first responders, and we most certainly do not believe in racism and bigotry and we want to see that out of this country. I told them that’s how I feel and I have my personal reasons to feel that way. We left it at that.”

Only Julius Peppers was man enough to take a stand.


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