Trump Supporter Mike Ditka Calls Athletes Who Kneel Against Racial Injustice & Police Brutality “Malcontents & Disrespectful” (Video)


Mike Ditka is a Trump Supporter, so this isn’t surprising.

White people have tried to tell black people when and how to protest since the beginning of time, but the thing is they don’t care.

It doesn’t matter how or when we do it, they are still going to speak badly about us and Ditka is no different.

Here is what he had to say via TMZ



  1. My anger for Dickta goes further and deeper. For the OG’s on FB, this is the same coach that road his fat ass on the back of Walter Payton and then rewards him in the Super bowl by not giving him plays in the red zone. Not one play, not one TD. Total disrespect and he even had the colossal balls to attend his funeral. EVEN William “fridge” Perry got a goal line TD. This fuckstick has liquid poison coming out of his mouth.

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