Bob McNair Releases Lying Statement Saying He Was Referring to League Office as Inmates Not Players


There is nothing worse than insulting a person’s intelligence.

Bob McNair thinks we are fools.

Maybe he has talked to Doug Gottlieb, but whatever the case his latest statement is saying when he said inmates running the prison he was speaking about the league office, not the players.

It is a bold face lie to try to make the comments look better, but only making them look worse.

Flip the page for the new statement…



  1. I’m in Chicago and lifelong Bears fan. This year I have not watched one minute of a game– of any NFL game. Months ago I didn’t plan on skipping the season. Today I was thinking of taking a peek at the Bears versus Saints– just to watch Drew Brees throw a few.

    NFL has dropped the ball on safety, tolerating unethical and criminal behavior, and for its ugly false patriotic racist supremacy. This man is the ugliest, most appropriate poster child for the NFL at the moment. And he should put some tape on that nose before all the whiskey comes dripping out. If we could see his soul, it would be too ugly to look at.

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