Cardi B Explains Why She Called Hotel Staff Racist After Being Kicked Out of Hotel (Video)


Cardi B went on a whole rant on IG about this incident and has since deleted the videos off her page.

Cardi says cops smelled weed on her floor and they automatically knocked on her manager’s and her door saying they have to leave. Cardi says at the time she was sleeping and that nobody on her team smokes. Cardi B doesn’t smoke because she says it makes her paranoid.

A rep spoke to TMZ and the hotel manager called the cops to report a party and the smell of weed happening on the floor Cardi and her team happened to be on. The hotel staff asked Cardi’s team to leave BEFORE the cops came and by the time they came they were packing their bags. A rep from Albany PD said there was no evidence of weed from any of the rooms occupied by anyone on Cardi’s team.

TMZ has video of Cardi leaving the hotel and calling someone on the staff a “white piece of shit” and “racist motherfucker”.

Flip the page to see.



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