Charlotte Flair Tells BSO What Is Her Favorite Ric Flair Match (Video)

During the 30 for 30 premiere of Ric Flair’s Nature Boy, we had the opportunity to chat with Charlotte Flair about her father’s legacy and what she wants fans to remember her for the most.

We know that many of you are eager to watch ESPN 30 for 30’s latest on Ric Flair, Nature Boy. Without giving too much away yet (we have a review coming soon!), the film is absolutely superb and fans will definitely have some tears jerked in the process.

This past week, 30 for 30 had a premiere in New York City and we got the opportunity to chat with Charlotte as she shared her thoughts on the film and her favorite Ric Flair match. In addition, we also asked her what skills she has learned from her father.

Mark your calendars-Nature Boy drops at 10 pm EST on November 7 on ESPN.

Erika Fernandez

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