David Letterman Throws Jab At Eli During Peyton Manning’s Statue Reveal (Video)

During Peyton Manning’s statue unveil, David Letterman took the opportunity to throw a low blow at Eli Manning’s performance this season. However, he isn’t wrong about it.

For starters, we must discuss David Letterman’s beard. When did he grow that out? But let’s move it along to the topic at hand-Letterman’s low blow towards Eli Manning. While unveiling Peyton Manning statue at Lucas Oil Stadium, Letterman took the opportunity to make fun of the fact that Eli hasn’t won a game all season.

“If you like football trivia: So far this year, Eli and Peyton have won the same number of game … I’m sorry, I was told this was roast.”

Letterman 1, Manning 0.

Erika Fernandez

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