Details on Michael Bennett Starting New Social Change Initiative To Transform Communities

For those who said it cant be done, you can protest and effectively change the world at the same time. And it seems that athletes, specifically, the NFL, are coming strong for that argument.

It looks like Michael Bennett is starting his own initiative to combat social inequality. Bennett has started a website called, Athletes For Impact, that focuses on campaigns such as Police Violence, The Economy, Gun Safety, LGBTQ and Equal Rights, Education, Climate Change, Immigration and Mass Incarceration; Bennett is not leaving a stone unturned. And if you still wonder the “why”, Bennett lays it out for you.

Athletes have a long history of being part of resistance movements. But often the athletes who speak out and take stands do so as individuals. Athletes for Impact is an attempt to give an organizational expression to the voices for social justice in sports that have increasingly emerged over the last few years.
The need for such collective organizing is especially urgent right now. We come together united as athletes to support each other and to support causes that are critical to transforming America. We speak out against racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. We advocate for education, health, young people and the communities that we come from. We will continue to speak out on local community issues in ways that never make the media. But, the real purpose of Athletes for Impact is to take action. As a network of athletes, we will do all we can to ensure a more just, fair, and equal society for all.
Bennett, experiencing his own run-in with the police, has been a great advocate for equality and fighting for social change. For more information, head to his site and become an ally as we fight for change,

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  • Good for him. There needs to be more positive interaction with law enforcement and the communities the protect and serve.

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