Details on Paul George Calling Gordon Hayward After Horrific Injury (Video)

The horrific injury suffered by the Celtics Gordon Hayward on Tuesday night is having ripple effects throughout the league. OKC’s Paul George is in a unique position to really understand what Hayward is going through. During a Team USA scrimmage in 2014 George suffered a gruesome leg injury but battled his way back. Watching the Hayward injury brought back some tough feelings and emotions for George. He called Hayward and spoke to him Tuesday night, according to The Score, saying:

Immediately I felt devastated. I was nauseous watching it, just going back to that place. Immediately after it happened, I texted Gordon. We talked last night. I just tried to give him words of encouragement. I just tried to be there for him.

The NBA more than any other league is really a brotherhood. These guys really care about one another and when one is impacted the whole league feels it. Details are still fuzzy on when Hayward will undergo surgery and what the long term prognosis is. But, we hope he makes a speedy recovery and is back on the court soon.

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