Details On Rob Claiming Blac Chyna Doing Coke All Night & Beating His Ass


Yesterday, TMZ reported that Blac Chyna is suing the Kardashians. Today, TMZ reports that Rob is saying that the domestic violence incidents were fueled by Blac Chyna’s coke use.

In April, there was a huge incident and Blac Chyna claimed Rob knocked her over and hit her. However, the “true” story is, the day before the incident Chyna was doing coke and drinking all day. Then, later that night Rob & Chyna go to a strip club, Chyna invites a stripper home continues to drink and coke all night, while Rob was watching Dream & Chyna’s son, King.

Rob went to talk to Chyna about it and she went crazy hitting him and throwing things at him.

This is a huge mess and hopefully all parties get it together because there are clearly kids around this environment.


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