Draymond Green’s Hilarious Response to Steph and KD Getting Ejected; Kerr Wants Steph Suspended 10 Games (Video)


The Warriors are going to be fine, but it was funny watching them implode against the Grizzlies.

Shout out to the Grizzlies who are playing great ball to start the season.

I thought Draymond had an amazing reply to KD and Steph getting ejected.

Draymond Green, who is a frequent league leader in technical fouls and ejections, served as the comedic, voice-of-reason figure on this night.

“We had two guys get ejected, which was unacceptable,” Green told ESPN in a joking fashion. “If we’re going to win, have a possibility at winning another championship, guys can’t be getting ejected like that. So I’ve got to talk to those two guys and let them know that we need those guys on the floor, and then maybe we can win a game. But right now, we’re not that good because guys are getting ejected.”

Flip the page for video of Steph losing his mind and Steve Kerr saying Steph should get suspended for 10 games..



    • Because even Stephen Curry needs to know you can’t do what he did, nobody should lose control like that, but Especially not someone on his level! Kerr a real one for voicing that!

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