Ex-NFL TE Explains How NFL Cut His Insurance, Obama Saved Him & Why Trump Endangers Millions


Arthur Lynch is a cautionary tale on several levels.  His back injuries not only were debilitating, but were also the result of a 3 year practice squad career which featured zero NFL games.

Last Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order aimed to end provisions in the Affordable Care Act.  The move will eventually rob millions of Americans of healthcare coverage.  Arthur Lynch explains the dire position he would have been in without Obamacare.

MAGA twitter was also quick on the case.  His response also sheds some light on the brutal business end of the NFL.


    • All obamacare has done from my latest understanding is make big pharma rich that’s why drug prices have gone thru the roof and that’s what trump has changed I could be wrong!

  1. No. The American People endanger themselves by being lazy brainless douchebags. If voting participation was at 80% we would not only have more political parties, but more candidates to chose from. But, to think that most people who complain are statistically likely to have never voted in the first place!

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