Gabrielle Union Implies D Wade Likes His Ass Eaten (Video)

NBA Wives are giving up all the secrets.

Ayesha talked about how Steph Curry has a foot fetish and now Gabrielle Union is talking about ass eating. She points out how men like it even though they don’t like to admit publicly.

There was more than a wink-wink to possibility Wade loving the toss salad, but she wouldn’t go that far with it.  She also points out that the ass eating should be reciprocal and a lot of men love it just won’t speak on publicly because they are ashamed.

Hey whatever your fetishes are, that is your business. If you are happy sucking some toes or getting your ass eaten that is all on you.

Someone should ask LaVar Ball about this just for the hell of it.

Also in the interview with Sway in the Morning, Gabby talks about her new book and opens up a lot about her being sexually abused. You can buy the book here.

Flip the page for the video of Gabby talking to Sway (Go to 13 min mark for ass eaten convo)…

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