How Eli Manning Plans to Keep Locker Room Together After Giants Fall to 1-6 (Video)

The New York Giants fell to 1-6 after Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks 24-7 at MetLife Stadium. The Giants stats on offense were anemic at best, 177 total yards. To be fair the team is dealing with lots of injuries on offense, their top 3 wide receivers are out and there have been injuries up and down the offensive line. But injuries are an unfortunate reality of the game. So to is injury luck. The Giants had good injury luck last year, not so much this season. Even though they won last week, the problems on this team are evident. When a team spirals like the Giants are, the locker room could become a contentious place. Guys start pointing fingers at one another, coaches start getting tuned out. It’s up to the team’s veteran leaders to set the tone and ensure that everyone comes to work and prepares for the week ahead. Eli Manning has a challenge on his hands as the team heads into the bye week.

Following the game Damon “Snacks” Harrison spoke briefly to the media. He was clearly upset with the loss and got curt when asked about the team’s offense. Take a look below.

Right now the Giants defense while giving up, in totality, a lot of yards and points is playing reasonably well. The offense is not helping them out. When the Giants D forces a turnover or makes a key stop on third down it is incumbent on the offense to reward the D with a sustained scoring drive. But we’ve detailed the problems with that offense and why sustained drives are not likely this season, which means a lot of time on the field for an already gassed defense.

This is where things could start to turn ugly for the Giants. The offense and defense are already segregated in the NFL. They don’t sit in the same meetings all week and are on opposite ends of the locker room. It is easy for the defense to start pointing fingers at the offense. The team needs to be galvanized and united for one common goal, which should be winning. But in football because the game is so emotional, such a team game dependent on each man doing his job, it’s easy for splintering and fracturing to occur.

Eli Manning has been the starting qb the last 13 seasons, he is the unquestioned leader of this team and in his postgame media availability he said all the things you’d expect. He remained positive, said the guys just need to show up every day and prepare and get a win as that will change the mood. All true statements. But the team isn’t very good right now, and Eli knows this. He may need to do more to ensure the team isn’t lost for the entire season.

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