Jalen Rose on Trump Needing to Be Worried About More Than Harassing Jemele Hill (Video)

Donald Trump has made it his personal mission to attack black NFL players & black women who speak out against his administration.

It’s no secret that people in rural areas of Puerto Rico are still suffering weeks after being devastated by hurricane Maria. We also have homegrown terrorists shooting up music festivals, a possible war brewing with North Korea, & a host of other issues that would normally demand a president’s attention.

But we know this is anything but a normal presidency.

ESPN anchor Jalen Rose spoke to TMZ about what he believes the president should be focusing on, instead of trying his best to divide and destroy the career of a private citizen who happens to not agree with his white supremacist ways:

Hopefully the support for Jemele continues and remains loud. She will definitely need it because many, many racists are also taking this fight against Jemele to heart and want nothing more than to remove her, & anyone who thinks & speaks like her from the airwaves.

5 thoughts on “Jalen Rose on Trump Needing to Be Worried About More Than Harassing Jemele Hill (Video)

  • Somewhere Curt Schilling is wonder why none of his co-workers spoke up for him. All while posting Alex Jones memes.

  • My bad! I posted on Norm VanLerr and I am so sorry and my truest apology goes out to Norm. I meant Jimmy Walker an former Chicago Bulls guard from the 70’s. My bad!!!

  • Because curt Schilling is a racist m.f. and what he said was very racist

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