Jerry Jones Admits He Wants Players to Stand Because of Money; Cowboys Think He’s a Fraud

Well, it didn’t take long for the cat to finally come out of the bag. It was only a matter of time before Jerry Jones slipped up and admitted what all the controversy in Arlington boiled down to. NBC’s Jean -Jacques Taylor was able to get the truth out, and it’s exactly as what many thought. It’s all about the Bemjamins.

Multiple sources said he spoke matter-of-factly about why he wants to avoid any perception that the players on the Cowboys aren’t honoring the flag during the national anthem. The sources said Jerry addressed the potential of anthem protests affecting the business of the Dallas Cowboys either through poor TV ratings or the potential loss of advertising partners.

The sources said Jerry also made a point to let the players know he supported their continuing quest for social equality, but he also expected them to continue standing when the national anthem is played before games.

Cowboys players aren’t buying into Jerry’s fake “I care about equality” stance, however.

One player referred to his comments as, “Fraudulent.”

The point is that we have all seen through Jerry’s gimmicks from day one. Him racing to catch the camera man to make sure the Cowboys kneeling before the anthem was caught on camera was the clear as day giveaway what Jerry is and will always be about; the almighty dollar.

Meanwhile, there still isn’t equality or justice for all. That doesn’t matter though. It’s all about as long as Jerry keeps his advertising billions rolling in. Jemele Hill hit the nail on the head, and that’s exactly why ESPN felt the need to shut her up immediately.

6 thoughts on “Jerry Jones Admits He Wants Players to Stand Because of Money; Cowboys Think He’s a Fraud

    • Right. Did no one see how he chased down that camera man to make sure he got a close up, during their fake show of unity?

    • Jerrah is all about the mean green. And looking good in the media.

  • He don’t give a damn about patriotism it’s all about capitalism! Dolla Dolla bill y’all…

  • His racial microagression is alive and thriving in his racist soul. It is sickening. He treats them as if they are indentured servants.

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