Jerry Jones Before Game On Being Proud of Cowboys Who Won’t Defy Him & Protest Against Racism During Anthem


Jerry Jones has been pretty silent since the NFL meetings about the anthem, but before the 49ers game he said he was proud that his team won’t defy him according to PFT.

“I’m just so proud of our team,” Jones said in his pregame interview with Kristi Scales of the Cowboys Radio Network. “I’m so proud of them, and I certainly don’t want that issue in anyone’s mind as we’re getting ready to walk out here and compete against the 49ers. I know that we’ve done nothing but have tunnel vision, done nothing but think about the ball game. That’s what’s so important. I know that our fans when they come, frankly, these fans here in the Bay Area, they want to get away and use this game as a respite, and that’s what we all want them to do.

“I’m so proud of our players. They get it.”

The get that Jerry sees them as property and have family to feed, so they won’t dare defy him.