#Jigsaw Cast Talk to BSO About Scary Murder Scenes & Trying To Live To The End

Jigsaw aka John Kramer is dead…or is he?

Stars of Jigsaw, the latest installment in the Saw movie universe, hit the red carpet Wednesday night in Los Angeles to promote the intense, murdered-filled horror just in time for Halloween.

Fans of the horror franchise have come to expect a wild ride to the end with twists, turns and kills at every corner but JIGSAW screen writers Josh Solberg and Pete Goldfinger promise a reboot will give the fans what the expect with a fresh update.

“It’s a soft reboot. it’s really a way of taking what makes SAW incredible and what it makes it special but seeing it in a new way.”

The big question is how does John Kramer fit in the film since he “died” previously? That’s a secret no one is willing to dish until fans hit the theater.

SAW Opens Friday, October 27 NATIONWIDE.

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