Julio Jones’ Theory on How The Pats Created The Fog to Mess Up Falcons Deep Passing Game


Julio Jones wasn’t pleased by the Fog in Foxboro.

The Pats were shooting off an excessive amount of fireworks, but that type of fog doesn’t linger for four quarters.

With that being said, Jones still is suspicious.

Bro Bible has a longer quote from Jones.

It didn’t affect me, but it’s crazy though, like, they score and they shoot fireworks off and then it sits high, kind of in the stadium,” Jones told CBS Boston. “So it’s kind of hard, like, if you do get behind, like how can you throw deep balls and things like that, because it’s foggy? I mean, it didn’t affect us at all though. They were just the better team tonight.”

Falcons chances to get back to Super Bowl is looking a bit foggy as well.


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