Kaepernick’s Lawyer on Having a Smoking Gun in His Collusion Lawsuit

Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer Mark Geragos, says there’s a “smoking gun” that can take the NFL down in their pending collusion lawsuit. In a recent appearance on Adam Carolla’s “Reasonable Doubt” podcast, Geragos was adamant in his belief that collusion took place.

On the podcast Carolla said:

What you need is the email from . . . Goodell to the owners, you need that smoking gun of the ‘don’t hire this guy.

Geragos responded:

We have very good reason to believe that that exists. The interesting thing will be when the discovery comes, and I expect the discovery to be very quickly. You know, you can’t erase stuff anymore like you used to be able to; texts, emails, things of that nature.

Every sane person who has been following what has been happening with Kap strongly suspects, if not believes, the league colluded against the quarterback. Given the latest moves by the owners in response to the anthem protests it’s not hard to draw connections. The NFL and its owners are doing everything they can to appeal to a specific segment of their fanbase. One might even argue it’s the majority of the fanbase.

But for Geragos and Kap the discovery process will be key. If there is any evidence digitally it will be found and then the “fun” begins. Proving conspiracy is actually not as tough as everyone thinks. The federal court statute is actually much tougher than the collusion standard in the NFL’s CBA.

You would think the owners and commissioner Goodell would be too smart to have any of these discussions over email or text. Then again these are powerful white men used to getting their way. Their privilege, arrogance and hubris may be their undoing.

5 thoughts on “Kaepernick’s Lawyer on Having a Smoking Gun in His Collusion Lawsuit

  • I believe jerry jones had something to do with him not playing,in my opinion

  • Time out……….Time for a settlement, NFL. You’re about to let Trump’s politics destroy you.

  • It would be in the best interest of the NFL for this to go away, but at what cost? I don’t think Kaepernick can be brought with just a settlement.

  • This article does give me some optimism but I will stay grounded and humble either way. Fight that fight Kap, good luck!

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