Kendu Isaacs Explains Why He Needs $65k a Mo in Support Because Mary J Blige Making Money Off His Cheating With Her Protege

Kendu already gets $30k a month, but explains why he needs $65k a month now.

It is an interesting theory via Madame Noire.

Isaacs says that such public statements about him, along with the release of singles “Love Yourself” and “Set Me Free” in particular, have hurt his ability to find work. According to The Blast, he needs more money from Blige to get by while he tries to find work and to pay for the 1,400 square foot apartment he’s staying in while in Los Angeles. He originally requested $129,319 a month before Blige was ordered to only pay $30,000 a month in spousal support back in June. But now he is seeking an increase to $65,000, claiming she has $275,476 a month available that can go towards paying him spousal support. All in all, Isaacs says Blige has used him and his name to make successful “divorce songs,” so he wants his cut.

Do you think that is a good reason to ask for more money?

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