Knicks Doug McDermott Shares Thoughts On Rookie Frank Ntilikina (Video

We got some exclusive thoughts on the latest sensation to touch down in New York City and his name is Frank Ntilikina. Teammate Doug McDermott spoke to us about his performance as well as other topics.

The Knicks have been having a pretty rough past few years. But perhaps last night, came a slight change? They won their home opener, so it must be a good sign? Forgive us if we’re being optimistic but let’s attempt to be positive.

After last night’s victory, we caught up with Doug McDermott, who is also a newcomer to the team, and chatted with him about the energy on the court as well as Frank Ntilikina’s performance.

His assessment? He knows that was nervous back while playing against OKC but nonetheless, last night he looked really settled in. It did take him some time to score some points but those assists is what caught our eye.

We look forward to more power from the French Prince of New York.