LaVar Ball Makes It Clear Why Magic Johnson Won’t Be Interfering In The Big Baller Brand


Big Baller Brand chief, and father of Lonzo Baller, LaVar Ball doesn’t anticipate any problems during the Lakers regular season for one simple reason, Magic Johnson is not the boss of him.

Speaking with Bill Oram of the Orange County register, LaVar explained succinctly exactly why he and the Lakers President won’t have any issues.

In all fairness he’s right. How many team presidents make phone calls to the provider of their player’s shoes or parent? Besides, it’s doubtful Magic Johnson will have any problems holding his own with the head of BBB.


  1. Dude is clocking $$$, have you seen the lines to buy items of his brand? He don’t have time as he’s buying his 16 yr old a Lambo, and Lonzo a Benz, and his college son a Lam too, y’all tripping! This BBB has hit the jackpot!!

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